January ain’t so bad!

Last week started off with so called ‘Blue Monday’, after just coming back from a fab weekend with my Mam seeing the Lion King, I was pretty darn happy! This got me thinking if such terms push people to make themselves look on the negative and suffer the ‘January Blues’ more than they would normally. That day I had a conversation with a chipper customer who took the standpoint that January was just a month, no different to any other, and there was no point in letting it get you down. Especially as a smile will always spread happiness. This in mind I decided to try and look on the positives and ensure I had things to look forward to this week.

On Tuesday I met a couple of mates in Tilley’s, sipping lime and soda I had my first ever sober trip to a bar (that sounds bad doesn’t It!). Then we headed off to see LaLa Land. As a lover of old school films and Ryan Gosling I was rather excited to say the least. LaLa Land did not disappoint, while at times very cheesy I loved in and really routed for both characters and their relationship. It reminded me a lot of Blue Valentine which I also adore, and left with fuzzy feeling inside as I headed home to Jay.

 On Wednesday I spent the day (5 hours in fact) in pain, and having my tattoo coloured in. While at times it absolutely knacked it was great to see how the colours pulled the whole tattoo together, and with only one more session to go I can’t wait to see it complete.


Friday was date night and we had a table booked for Blackfriars Restaurant Week menu. I’ve wanted to try Blackfriars for ages and never got around to it so was extremely excited.

Jay met me from work and we headed for a few pre-meal G and T’s (Portobello Road and Brokers), it was Friday after all! We then headed to Blackfriars the location, décor and ambience were great, and unlike some of our previous restaurant week experiences we did not feel packed in or rushed in any way. One part of the decor that I particularly liked was the placemat which contained a detailed list of local suppliers. As a believer of shopping local and fresh is best, this was great to see.

We started off with another G and T (Hendricks) for me and a scrumpy for Jay, and tucked into the bread basket. After 20 days of trying healthy eating the bread and particularly the salty butter was divine.

For starters Jay opted for Ham terrine with Pease pudding, and for myself the Wild Mushroom Risotto. Both went down extremely well and I was happy to say the portion sizes were great. I often worry about risotto being too filling as a starter, but what was served was the perfect size and extremely tasty. Jays looked amazing unfortunately one of the disadvantages of having a carnivorous fella I couldn’t steal any.

We had a good break before mains to discuss our current campervan plans, and the work we hoped to complete over the weekend. We had a full day to work on the panelling out on Sunday and I had some new overalls to wear ha. Once again, the mains did not disappoint. For Jay Belly Pork and me Fish of the Day with heritage potatoes and kale. Jay was particularly impressed by both the size of his dish and the crackling. My fish was cooked perfectly and I couldn’t fault any part of the dish.

We decided to go the whole hog and opt for desert too. As my fail-safe option (a cheese board of course) wasn’t on the special menu, I opted for something totally out of character a hazelnut brownie with vanilla ice-cream. Jay predictable as ever, went for the sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel and banana ice-cream. Both were delicious however the only mild criticism would be the banana flavour didn’t really come through in the ice-cream and the sticky toffee was so sweet, jay stepped into a sugar coma and needed to go home for a lie down.

In short, our meal at Blackfriars was amazing, and we will definitely be returning. If you want great quality food, and a relaxed environment I’d recommend it. They also do a great pre-theatre menu and a set menu that are similar to the restaurant week menu and won’t break the bank.



Rach xxx

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