January ain’t so bad!

Last week started off with so called ‘Blue Monday’, after just coming back from a fab weekend with my Mam seeing the Lion King, I was pretty darn happy! This got me thinking if such terms push people to make themselves look on the negative and suffer the ‘January Blues’ more than they would normally. That day I had a conversation with a chipper customer who took the standpoint that January was just a month, no different to any other, and there was no point in letting it get you down. Especially as a smile will always spread happiness. This in mind I decided to try and look on the positives and ensure I had things to look forward to this week.

On Tuesday I met a couple of mates in Tilley’s, sipping lime and soda I had my first ever sober trip to a bar (that sounds bad doesn’t It!). Then we headed off to see LaLa Land. As a lover of old school films and Ryan Gosling I was rather excited to say the least. LaLa Land did not disappoint, while at times very cheesy I loved in and really routed for both characters and their relationship. It reminded me a lot of Blue Valentine which I also adore, and left with fuzzy feeling inside as I headed home to Jay.

 On Wednesday I spent the day (5 hours in fact) in pain, and having my tattoo coloured in. While at times it absolutely knacked it was great to see how the colours pulled the whole tattoo together, and with only one more session to go I can’t wait to see it complete.


Friday was date night and we had a table booked for Blackfriars Restaurant Week menu. I’ve wanted to try Blackfriars for ages and never got around to it so was extremely excited.

Jay met me from work and we headed for a few pre-meal G and T’s (Portobello Road and Brokers), it was Friday after all! We then headed to Blackfriars the location, décor and ambience were great, and unlike some of our previous restaurant week experiences we did not feel packed in or rushed in any way. One part of the decor that I particularly liked was the placemat which contained a detailed list of local suppliers. As a believer of shopping local and fresh is best, this was great to see.

We started off with another G and T (Hendricks) for me and a scrumpy for Jay, and tucked into the bread basket. After 20 days of trying healthy eating the bread and particularly the salty butter was divine.

For starters Jay opted for Ham terrine with Pease pudding, and for myself the Wild Mushroom Risotto. Both went down extremely well and I was happy to say the portion sizes were great. I often worry about risotto being too filling as a starter, but what was served was the perfect size and extremely tasty. Jays looked amazing unfortunately one of the disadvantages of having a carnivorous fella I couldn’t steal any.

We had a good break before mains to discuss our current campervan plans, and the work we hoped to complete over the weekend. We had a full day to work on the panelling out on Sunday and I had some new overalls to wear ha. Once again, the mains did not disappoint. For Jay Belly Pork and me Fish of the Day with heritage potatoes and kale. Jay was particularly impressed by both the size of his dish and the crackling. My fish was cooked perfectly and I couldn’t fault any part of the dish.

We decided to go the whole hog and opt for desert too. As my fail-safe option (a cheese board of course) wasn’t on the special menu, I opted for something totally out of character a hazelnut brownie with vanilla ice-cream. Jay predictable as ever, went for the sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel and banana ice-cream. Both were delicious however the only mild criticism would be the banana flavour didn’t really come through in the ice-cream and the sticky toffee was so sweet, jay stepped into a sugar coma and needed to go home for a lie down.

In short, our meal at Blackfriars was amazing, and we will definitely be returning. If you want great quality food, and a relaxed environment I’d recommend it. They also do a great pre-theatre menu and a set menu that are similar to the restaurant week menu and won’t break the bank.



Rach xxx

Welcome 2017


Hi again, I hope you’re all coping with the January blues. I started the year off, by doing something unheard of for me on New Years Day. After copious amounts of prosecco I was somehow  hangover free, and  outside in the freezing wind chills of the North Sea with Jay (the fella) scrubbing the back of our newly purchased Transit clean for welding . 

I made up for it on the following day, and took full advantage of my last days holiday, meeting mates in Tilley’s for a few too many pints. Looking back, not the best decision when I was back to work the next day . Merry conservations focused on the usual, New Years resolutions and how we planned to make 2017 a better year. For me along with healthy eating (lets be honest I work in the best place for it); getting fitter again (I want to smash my GNR time from last year) ; and helping Jay to convert the transit into a campervan for April (hence the New Years Day cleaning) . My main aim  for 2017 is to begin work on the Yesterday Society’s website and carry on writing this blog.

I’m not going to lie, the website has been neglected. It was set up  and maintained by Rosie when we opened, but after she moved to the big smoke in 2014, I’m sad to say being a bit tech phobic I’ve avoided it. But this is the first week of 2017 and I am positive and determined to learn how to update and run it myself .Therefore I have spent the first week of the new year learning the basics and in doing so have successfully managed to make some changes. I also have a tonne of ideas moving forward ,and feel writing them down here would keep me focussed and allow me to get feedback. So here goes:

  • Create an online shop to spread the reach of The Yesterday Society.
  • Archive all past events, catwalks and photoshoots we have been involved in and continue to update with new things.
  • Create pages with descriptions and photographs of trends and fashions for each decade. I get a lot of people calling in and asking for advice so figure an online tool could be helpful.
  • Set up a mailing list to keep customers in the loop of new stock coming in, special offers and any events we are involved in.
  • Set up a customer area with a bios and photos page, it is The Yesterday Society after all and you guys are a trendy bunch so would be great to get you involved.
  • Continue with the idea of The Yesterday Society on tour photographs, but add in customer photos of their own trips including a Yesterday Society on Tour sign, for a chance to win prizes.

It would be great to get some feedback and hear any ideas from you lovely lot.

Cheers and good luck with any unbroken resolutions .

Rach xxx



New Year New Me!


Hi, I’m Rachael and I’ve finally came up with a New Year resolution I think I should be able to stick to. Forget giving up cheese and booze, this year I aim to write a blog about my life as the owner of The Yesterday Society Vintage Boutique in Newcastle upon Tyne.


The best starting point is probably a bit of background about me and The Yesterday Society. I am a Newcastle lass through and through and was raised in Walker. I believe my love of vintage and flamboyant clothes can be attributed to my mam who took me on shopping trips to treasure troves like Attica as a kid and was known to overdress for any occasion. I have always loved looking different and standing out from the crowd, this has taken many guises from goth on “Hippy Green” to super girly all pink outfits.

It was at Northumbria Uni while studying for a degree in Human Geography that I found my true style wearing vintage and mixing a variety of decades in one outfit. I’m not going to lie there was a couple of questionable outfits. Once walking into a lecture with a mate Jess and over hearing someone comment “what the hell are they wearing now”! But hey everyone makes mistakes.

To complete my degree, I managed to write my Human Geography dissertation on identity creation through vintage clothes, this fuelled my love of vintage and allowed me to go shopping while doing my research.

After graduation and becoming disenchanted with working at the Job Centre, I took myself off backpacking around South East Asia with my mate Kirsty. Returning jobless I managed to get a successful interview at the Tyneside Cinema working FOH. It was at my induction session that I met future friend and business partner Rosie Skett. Rosie was a fine art student at Newcastle Uni and we hit it off straight away. We worked at the Tyneside happily, but on one particularly boring bar shift we got to talking about our dream jobs, both agreeing that owning a vintage shop would be up there.

As anyone who knows me will admit I’m pretty laid back and would never have got around to doing it, but luckily Rosie was on the ball and went on her dinner break to look at the vacant units in the Grainger Market. One being Unit 9, the now home of the Yesterday Society. From that point, everything seemingly fell into place we created a business plan, came up with a name after numerous suggestions (cat’s pyjamas anyone?), applied for finance, secured the unit, found suppliers and two months after that initial conversation in the Tyneside Bar we opened the doors to The Yesterday Society on 31st August 2013.

After settling into shop life, we became confident on what to buy, styled several catwalk collections and held events. During this time, we both worked at the shop part time while keeping up part time roles at the Tyneside until April 2015 when Rosie moved down to London to work with the buyers for TK Maxx. At this point I decided to take the plunge and become the sole owner of The Yesterday Society. While thinking, I may go a little stir crazy and panicking at my lack of decision making ability, the pull of leaving the events world behind to listen to vinyl, drink tea and chat to folk about clothes all day was just too strong.

In short, my advice to anyone thinking about starting their own business is give it a try, there is nothing better than working for yourself and doing something that you love. So, onto what to expect from this blog, I honesty I don’t know … but if you have any interest in The Yesterday Society and a Geordie lass who loves vintage, festivals, traveling, dogs and her fair share of mothers ruin it may be of interest.

All the best and have a great 2017.

Rach xxx