Support your local High Street – Visa Christmas Campaign

Back in October, we received a rather exciting email . It was from a casting and production agent from London. They were working on the Visa Christmas campaign , and searching the country for the top 100 quirky independent shops to feature.

I was shocked and impressed that such a large company was, not only recognising the socially important impact of the local high street on the community. But also that receiving personal service from someone passionate about what they are selling, is something special.

It was great to see Visa celebrating and supporting small local businesses and giving them a boost. Check out more of the campaign here

The plan was to have a photo shoot with me outside the shop, and the image would be blown up and used on a billboard in Newcastle’s City centre. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not the most confident. But as a geordie lass, how could I say no to a great offer of publicity on such a huge scale in my home town.

My next thought then went on to a panic of the important question…What should I wear? After a lot of outfit trying on I settled on 4 outfits. I decided I would take them all in for the photo shoot and see what worked best. I think i scrubbed up OK ….

The billboard was up near to St James Park for the whole of December which was a great Christmas present for the shop. I received a further surprise when I got a parcel from Visa containing a framed print .

Running a small independent business is not always easy, but spending my days listening to music, surrounded by vintage goodies and chatting to lush customers is pretty darn fabulous.

So cheers for all your support!

Rach xxx